Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral issues in pets can stem from numerous sources. Some are related to medical issues: improper urination may be due to a urinary tract infection, aging pets may not respond to commands because they are losing their hearing, a normally social pet may become aggressive due to undiagnosed pain.

Commonly seen behavioral issues in pets include:

  • Inappropriate elimination

  • Copraphagy (eating of feces)

  • Fear of thunderstorms or fireworks

  • Separation anxiety

  • Excessive barking

  • Chewing and other destructive behaviors

Behavior problems can be directed at strangers, family members, or other animals. Any behavior that deviates from the normal for your pet should be brought to our attention as soon as possible. If the behavior issues are not related to medical reasons, we can suggest a program of behavioral modifications, or refer you to a behaviorist for consultation.