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Louisville Family Animal Hospital

Pet Emergency and Critical Care

Should your pet require immediate veterinary attention due to an illness or injury during our regular office hours, please contact us immediately. We will be prepared to provide critical care for your pet upon your arrival.

When your pet needs immediate medical care when our hospital is closed, please contact one of the excellent emergency facilities in our area.

For after hour emergencies, please contact our colleagues at:

Colorado Animal Specialty & Emergency (CASE)

2972 Iris Ave

Boulder CO 80301

Phone: (303) 545-2273

Visit Website >

Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) Boulder

1905 29th Street, Suite 1176

Boulder CO 80301         

Phone: (720) 738-9994

Visit Website >

In any pet emergency, seconds count. Many situations constitute an emergency, but contact us immediately during our normal office hours if your pet is:

  • Bleeding

  • Having trouble breathing

  • Unable to walk or put any weight on a leg

  • Injured after being hit by a car

  • Injured after falling from a tall height

  • Unconscious

  • Having a seizure

  • Vomiting repeatedly or has dry heaves

  • Bloated or has a distended (extended) abdomen

  • Sick from having eaten something poisonous or chewed/swallowed anything dangerous

  • Unable to open an eye or has an eye injury

  • Not able to urinate or defecate

  • Pregnant females having a difficult labor (longer than half an hour)